Monday, January 10, 2011

CH-624 Review

Product: CH-624
Colour: Brown
Diameter: 14.00mm

Design: /5
Enlargement: /5
Colour: ♥/5
Comfort: ♥/5

The design of this lens is supposed to make your eyes look like it's part of the moon. The lens appears to be 'grainy' looking with a grey ring around the outlines of the lens. In other words, the lens design itself is not solid, so when worn, your eyes look unnatural.
In my personal opinion, the Nudy designs tend to make your eyes look more like cats' eyes. At times, when flash photos are taken, your eyes can appear to look very creepy.
Personally, I'm not a fan of the design.

Some say it enlarges your eyes, where as other's disagree. These lenses are a bit of both, they don't enlarge as much as lenses with a more solid colour/design, but as they have the grey ring around the lens, they enlarge your eyes slightly.

The lens itself appear to be golden brown, but when worn, they appear greyish brown. The colour is not solid enough to stand out on your eyes.
These Nudy's add a hint of grey to your eyes to make it look less saturated.

I love how these are so comfortable. They don't scratch my eyes and they feel as though I'm not wearing any lenses at all! I remember my sister recommending me these to try out as my very first pair as she keeps bragging about how comfortable they are for her and all. My very first lens were the Angel Grey CM-834 (which I found was comfortable), but as soon as I tried these, these feel really soft of my eyes!

I'm in love with the colour and comfort, but I don't like the design at all! I'd rather wear these in the day time as you can't really see how freaky they look with flash. I regret wearing Nudy's at night - especially blue (but that's another review ahaha), I've ruined most photos as my eyes freak people out...
Anywho, you may have a completely different opinion about CH-624, let me know what YOU think!

Full face pic! YES I had a hair cut... My hair is a lot shorter than before, lost a huge chunk of my life :(


  1. Oh I have these :) Except mine slide around in my eyes :/ So I don't wear them often

  2. They look pretty cool =) But I prefer natural looking lenses more =)
    Btw, I just tried on the lenses from you and they're so comfortable! At first, I kind of scared myself from my reflection because I couldn't really recognize my eyes =P Most people probably won't notice but I do!!