Sunday, December 12, 2010

BC-102 Review

Hi Guys!

Although I mentioned on twitter that I'd be posting 2x Circle Lens review in the next post - well I lied. I thought I had taken more pics of CH-624, but I didn't so instead I'll do a review on BC-102.

This pic was taken at night as you can see how dark my eyes are.

Product: BC-102
Colour: Brown
Diameter: 14.00mm

Design: /5
Enlargement: ♥/5
Colour: ♥/5
Comfort: ♥/5

The design is not supposed to stand out, it's supposed to enlarge your eyes as naturally as possible - if that makes sense!
Main reason why I chose these lenses were because someone said they loved how comfortable and natural looking it was, they were RIGHT!
Spikes in the inner circle blends with your natural eye colour creating a natural look.
Reason why I gave it 3/5 is because the design is not supposed to stand out, wearing it just looks like my natural iris is bigger than normal - nothing special.

I actually like how it enlarges my eyes naturally. I can't complain about these lenses, although they don't enlarge as much as 14.8mm+ diameter lenses or black circle lenses, they still do the trick for me!

Although my natural eye colour is actually darker than the lens itself, it still deserves a 4/5. Close up you can actually see the brown lens around my iris - not that anyone would get close to my face anyway.

I'd have to say, this is one of the most comfortable lenses I have ever tried. I've never had any problems with GEO lenses anyway, they're always comfortable for me - but for others that may be a different story.
It feels like I'm not wearing any lenses at all, can be bad sometimes as one night I almost went straight to bed without realizing I'm still wearing lenses. My friend was right, these lenses are really comfortable, which was why I gave these lens a 5/5!

Close up of eye - this was taken in the daytime with natural lighting (no flash).

Taken at night, simple night out make up - no I'm not naked lol

Taken at night on a different day - just before removing make up and going to bed.

So there you have it! My review on BC-102 otherwise known as Magic Circle Brown.
Circle lenses are from iCandy Style Lens which you can get for only $20AUD!

Signing out...!


  1. wah. it's big, 14.8mm?
    really nice, I've been looking for nice lenses too

  2. I really want to try some natural looking circle lenses! Would you say that the brown one is more natural or the black one??

    LOL @ your comment "no, I'm not naked" Heheehee

  3. @Kim Hye Rin; No they're not 14.8mm just the normal 14.00mm :) I just mentioned that these ones don't enlarge as much as the 14.8mm lenses - obviously xD but yeah the 14.8mm lenses are MUCH larger :)

    @~Lisa; The brown ones are a lot more natural. I had a guy tell me that my eyes were unusually dark when I was wearing these lenses - but that's coz he's never really looked at my eyes before, I told him my natural eye colour is actually that dark. Black lenses can make your eyes look freaky sometimes - because it's black. It's meant to make your eyes look like a doll.

    @Elisaaa (^-^)v; Thanks! I like it too :D I like all lenses!! So many to try out :P

  4. I want to try it out as well, but 14.8mm is a bit too large for me =( my eyes are a bit too small T_T

    and reply to your comment: .. the apple mask didn't sting on my face ^_^ Do you have a sensitive skin? If you're trying a mask you should put a bit of the mask on your hand and wait for 10 minutes or so to see the effect before you apply it on your face ^_^

  5. @Elisa; I've just edited my post so that it's more clear - these lenses are actually 14.00mm in diameter, NOT 14.8mm :) so they'd still suit you :)

    yes I do have sensitive skin - well just my face :( it's always my face and never my body skin for some reason..