Monday, December 20, 2010

Obsessed with Lipstick!

Yes, as the title says, I'm obsessed with lipstick! Mainly because they come in all sorts of colours - yes anything that's colourful I WILL buy.
Just came back from Big W as I had to buy a Christmas present for Secret Santa. As soon as I walked in I went straight to the cosmetics department as looked for Nude lipsticks, found a couple from Revlon, Maybelline & Loreal. I ended up buying 2 Nude lipsticks from Revlon & Maybelline - who knew there were so many different types of nude!! I wanted to buy more but I had to find a present worth $10 (which aren't that many things) before the store closes. Found a nice desert cookbook for $10! I was super stoked that I actually found something that she would like (Secret Santa is around mid 30's and she loves making cakes).

I'll take pics and do a short review on those two nude lipsticks in another post, but for this post I'm gonna talk about what came in the post last week (and other things I bought).

I purchase from this awesome sale site, Ozsale (available for Australians only, so if you want the link I can email it to you - just comment your email address or email me). I bought the Revlon Nude pack for only $70AUD (including shipping) worth about $100AUD.

My Revlon Nude pack!
1. Luxurious Lengths Mascara - Black [502]
2. Bedroom Eyes - Smokin' [685]
3. Photoready Foundation - Nude [004
4. New Complexion Powder - Sand Beige [03]
5. Beyond Natural Eye Shadow (cream to powder) - Peach [510]
6. ColorStay Mineral Bronzer - Golden Bronze [040]
7. ColorStay Sheer Lipstick - Sheer Bronze [100]
8. ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze - Blush [515]

I was pretty excited when my boyfriend told me there was a package for me delivered to his work, though he was not impressed that I had spent more money. At first I didn't know what it was, so I told him to open it and he told me it was a bunch of make up. I had to also fess up that I had 3 more packages on it's way, 1x Clothes and 2x Make up packages.

Revlon ColorStay Sheer - Sheer Bronze [100] (sorry for the shaky photo)

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze - Blush [515]

Left to Right: Lipglaze Blush [515], Sheer Bronze [100]

I have yet to take pics of them on my actual lip as it's been difficult with taking photos in good daylight (I work 10 hours everyday - yes that's 50 hours a week, and some Saturdays so up to 60hrs every second week).

Secondly, I went to the doctors on Saturday and as I went to get my medication from the pharmacy next door, I noticed some cosmetics on sale on the "Under $20" table. As I had to wait for my scripts I went to look at the table - obviously going through lipsticks, and picked out 5! There were some that were $7, while others around $13. I was pretty happy with my purchase - the sale girl kind of giggled as I laid them out on the table full of smiles saying "why not? :P" (yes I made the tongue face too ha!)

Left to right: Rimmel - Soft Coral [600], Rimmel - Rose Sorbet [110], Maybelline - Sweet Ginger [G80], Revlon - Plush Pink [355] & Revlon - Ripened Red [375]

Left to right: Soft Coral, Rose Sorbet, Sweet Ginger, Plush Pink & Ripened Red

All I know is that the Revlon I bought was ColorStay, I'm not sure what the others are - I'll have to note it down the next time I go to the cosmetics department. But I can't wait to try them on! Especially the red as I've never owned or worn red lipstick before.

Alright that's all from me today, I'll try and do a proper post on Thursday.

Signing out~


  1. I'm a lipstick and liptint fancier too^^
    thanks for posting this!

    Rimmel - Soft Coral got a cute color

  2. haha nice revlon stash :) i love rimmel lippies!

  3. I am maybe going to buy a lipstick but my mom said only 1.
    This makes it even harder for me to pick just 1.
    Anyway thanks for posting this.

  4. Great haul!! I love these lippies!! They're my favourite drugsore brand. My favourite nude lipstick is the Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Nude Blush. Have you tried it yet? =)

  5. No, but I was going to buy that colour last night. I think it was either MAX Factor or Loreal, couldn't find any Maybelline Nude's as they were all sold out! :( Ended up buying Maybelline ColorSensational 'Nearly There' [205]. Does it really moisturize your lips (like lip balms)?

  6. I know right?! There's just too many to choose from :D

  7. Yeah my sister's the same, she likes the Soft Coral one too. It's orage/pink :)

  8. I love Revlon ColorStay, it's so soft and the colour comes out nice and smooth~Love it :D