Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tutorial: Anna Sui inspired Rock Me! & Things I Bought

Hi All~

I've finished my Anna Sui Rock Me inspired make up tutorial this morning and now it's time for me to share before I head off to sleep.
Please be away that there are a lot of pics involved - so sorry. If you like this tutorial, comment, tweet, vlog, blog, share on Facebook, do whatever it takes to get it out there for others to like it too. I'm even open for requests :D

The Look & Inspiration

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Pallet

1. We'll start off with wearing purple/violet circle lenses; here I'm wearing Angel Violet which can be purchased from iCandy Style Lens. Apply your foundation, concealer after wearing your circle lenses - we don't want all our make up particles on your lenses.

2. Apply 'F' or a light grey colour on your eyelid, to make it soft like the image above, blow the brush to get rid of excess eyeshadow before applying on lids. Blend it outwards towards your brows.

3. Using an angled brush, apply 'A' (purple/violet) and draw as closed to your lash line as if it's eye liner, create a wing towards the outer corner.

4. Taking a flat brush, dab 'G' (grey) on the inner corners of your eye. Then softly blend it to the purple with a blending brush - we don't want to blend the purple as we want as much violet on there as possible!

5. Using an angled brush again, choose an indigo colour or 'B' in this case and create an arrow pointing outwards, sort of like the less than and greater than symbol '< >'.

6. Using a thick but pointy brush, choose a white/light cream coloured eyeshadow - in this case 'H'. Brush along your lower lashes. And with your blending brush, blend it so it's not as bright. Highlight just under your brows and blend towards your eye.

7. Using a small flat brush, choose a light pink colour or 'C' and line your lower lashes, start from the center of your eye and line towards your outer eye. Then choose a pink shade darker, 'D' and line it about 1/4 from your outer corners.

8. Draw a line from your outer corner about 1cm with a pinky red colour (or two shades darker) 'E'. I know, the bottle is purple/red - but I couldn't find a proper red colour on my pallet, so it's the best I can do.

9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes. I'm using Sasa's mascara here - not sure of the name as I threw the packaging in the bin a while ago, but I know it had '3D' on it.

10. Put on your false eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible. I'm wearing 1000 hours Noble Black from Priceline. If the lashes are too big for you - cut them. I didn't glue the ends properly on this eye =_= but not to worry, eyeliner will cover this up!

11. Using a black eyeliner or gel liner - line your top lashes creating a small wing as will as your bottom lashes, preferably from where your lashes start then towards the outer corner. I'm using Coastal Scent's True Black Gel Liner. If you notice your false lashes are lighter than your eyeliner, line over the actual lash itself.

12. Do some finishing touches like blush, defining your eyebrows and wearing peachy pink lipstick/lipgloss (I'm using Max Factor Vivid Impact Pink Pearl [12] as the lip base and gone over it with Revlon ColorStay Mineral Everlasting Blush), and you're finished!

Boxing Day Sales

Alright so on Sunday 26th December, I went deciding to go shopping as I hear that shops are open for Boxing Day Sales. I went to Westfield Carousel thinking everything will be super cheap but was super disappointed. Although there were a lot more people shopping that day, everything seemed to be the same with a few sale items up to 20%, there were a couple of shops with over done sale banners everywhere in their shops but that's just about it. I still made purchases as I wanted to go there to buy a Pandora charm as well as the Playstation Move.
So this is what I got:

Valley Girl: Studded Top, $19.95

Target: PS Move Control Starter Pack & Singstar + Dance game, $114 (we had gift cards so we only paid $59.88)

Wizard Warehouse: Anna Sui - Rock Me! & JLO - Blue Glow, $107.14 (second perfume was half price, cheapest being).
Zamels: Hears band ring 9ct Yellow Gold with 5 points diamonds - or something like that; half price, $124.50 (this was from insurance claim).
Pandora: Enamel Blue Butterfly Bead, $53

Pandora Charm Close up

Ring Close Up - it's hearts :D the pic came out looking silver.

So that's pretty much it from me, this is probably the most boring post from me. I'm just too tired to go into details, but I can explain things further if anyone has questions. I'm really not looking forward to waking up at 5am to get ready for work *cries* - but that's what you gotta' do if you wanna make money... Need to start saving for my car, and my trip to Seoul next year..


  1. That Anna Sui perfume bottle is pretty and I'm glad that you got inspired by the colours to create a look with them :) Thanks for the picture tutorial, they are really clear. I too wasn't very impressed with the Boxing Day sales but still managed to pick up a few things, thankfully =]

  2. nice tutorial!!! thanks for sharing. I'm gonna try it^^

  3. Love the inspiration! Very pretty! =)
    And I really like the ring you got!! Pretty!!

  4. Niceeee tutorial =D I'm going to try it out ^^

  5. ooo, let me know how you go!~ And post pics :D I wanna see how it turns out ;)

  6. Thanks Lisa!
    I've yet to post a better pic of the ring, coz you can't see the heart designs properly :(

  7. Thanks Rin! Let me know how you go and show me pics :D

  8. I know, I love Anna Sui's perfume bottles! Like Sweet Dreams (I think that's what it's called) and Wish, both are blue and very cute - but I don't like the smell, wasn't to my liking. I felt like buying the perfume just for the bottle, but that would be a waste of money.
    I know, I was super disappointed, and I think all the cheap good items would've been sold to people who got there early. But I think the only thing that was worth buying were electronics and stuff as the prices were decent.
    I don't think I'm going to go shopping for a while, though I do wanna purchase from Zipia.net :D

  9. I love your eye makeup! ^_^

  10. you have such cute eyes!!! :p