Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tutorial: Bronze Shimmer

Hope everyone had a great Christmas - although it's the end of boxing day already for Australia.
As mentioned on my Twitter (follow me if you haven't already), I'll be posting make up tutorials/inspired looks over the Christmas break. I posted a Ga In inspired look, and tonight I'll be posting a tutorial on a simple bronze shimmer look.

Finished look

Note: This an eye tutorial only.

1. Apply your foundation and concealer (I've used liquid foundation and finished it with powder foundation to create a matte look).

2. Grab a small flat brush and choose your bronze or bronzey brown - I'm using Coastal Scents' 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallet.

3. Apply the colour around the outer corners of your eyes as well as lining your bottom lash line (from the middle to the outer corner). The thickness of the bottom line is up to you, but try and get as much colour there.

4. Using a wider flat brush, apply the colour on your eye lids making sure you get some colour above your crease.

5. Select a white colour and apply this on the inner corners of your eyes, create a slight wing towards your nose. Blend the colours so that the white does not stand out too much.

6. Curl your lashes and put on mascara (but don't over do it, we don't want it being all clumpy). Grab your favourite lashes - these aren't my favourite, I just didn't want it to look dramatic.
Glue your lashes on as close to your lash line as possible and using your finger, blend your real lashes with the fake, put more mascara on if needed - sorry no pics for this part.

7. Line your eyes with black eyeliner - in this case, I'm using Coastal Scents' True Black gel liner. Line on top of your fake eye lashes to blend in with your normal lashes. Create a small wing on the outer corners of your eyes, the more dramatic your false eyelashes are the bigger your wing should be. Not a great pic, as my lashes are not on properly =_= so make sure your lashes are on properly before lining your eyes.

8. Finish off with blush, defining your eyebrows and lipstick/gloss - I have used Maybelline Soft Coral lipstick, a Japanese brand eyebrow mascara thingo and Etude House's blush - I'll take pics of the last two later.

That's all from me tonight~ I'll be back with an Anna Sui - Rock Me! inspired make up tutorial tomorrow so stay tuned! Yes that's the perfume.


  1. Cute and simple.
    I love it.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Wishing you a merry christmas too :) snow has melted a bit.. but I guess you can still call it a white christmas. So weird to have christmas in the summer.. would love to experience that once!

    And very nice and bright eye tutorial, I like the hair accessory as well.

  3. Thanks Lene~ It's not weird to have Christmas in summer here =_= we never have snow in Perth which sucks! My sister's lucky to experience a white Christmas in NYC at the moment, but she doesn't like how you can't really go anywhere as there's a blizzard coming lol.

  4. Thanks Mickey :) I've visited your blog, and I was wondering if you could post more dolly and ulzzang tutorials :D

  5. Thank You.
    Very soon I'll post more tutorials.