Thursday, June 30, 2011

[GEO] OL-105 Review

Name: Olive Grey (Ash Wing)
Product: OL-105
Colour: Grey
Brand: GEO
Diameter: 14.00mm

Design: /5
Enlargement: /5
Colour: /5
Comfort: /5

These lenses create the halo effect (white circle around the pupil) better than most of the other designs. What makes these lenses special is not only the halo, but it creates a 'foggy' or cloudy effect to your eyes. It can make your eyes look very mysterious and natural looking at the same time.

If you're not looking for lenses that make your eyes look to big, these are the lenses for you. They give off a slight enlargement effect but not too big that would make you look like you've photoshopped your eyes.

There are many different ways for this section, eg; does the lenses make your eyes look grey? or Do you like the colour when worn? Personally, I love the colour! It doesn't give off a full grey or light grey look - I like how it's sort of has this dull green/blue tinge to it under natural lighting. It looks grey if the lighting is bright or flash photography which is something I love. Unlike the Angel Grey CM-835 which just look grey no matter what sort of lighting.

I haven't had a problem with these lenses at all. Maybe because I've just been trying GEO lenses so far so it's hard to judge, unless I'm comparing 14.00mm to 15.00mm lenses - there is a big difference when it comes to comfort.

I love wearing Olive Grey when I try to pull off the smokey eyes look. It makes your eyes stand out A LOT. It's hard to wear certain make up with these lenses though as it could sometimes make your eyes look creepy.
I first saw my little sister wearing these lenses and I thought it looked great!! Though she may have a slightly different opinion, I thought the lenses suited her a lot.

Now, if you're wondering why my eyes look funny, that's because I've photoshopped make up on my eyes. I wasn't really wearing make up in these photos, and I really want to show you all how they would look with smokey or semi-smokey eyes :) Sorry if it's badly photoshopped, I tried my best...

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