Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Post

I thought I'd make a post since I haven't done so in so long. I haven't exactly got anything to blog about at the moment as I'm always working - NEED MONEY!
But I have got a brand spanking new car last month! Just before the end of the financial year I got this baby........

That's right! It's a Mazda 3 Neo Hatch in Velocity Red... And no, that's not my actual car photo as I haven't taken a photo of my car yet!! I really should as it's my first new car with my own money. My car currently looks dirty rather than new due to the storm and rain - not the best time to drive a new car.
When I first drove this car, it felt as though I've driven it for YEARS! It really is my soulmate!!
Hopefully I could finish paying off the loan in 3 years! Just so I can clear the debt I have in my name :(

Other than getting a new car, I'm hoping to expect a good tax return soon! I've lodged my tax return on e-tax and it came back with $796.00!! I couldn't believe it! Especially since I work so long hours and get taxed HEAPS! I pretty much got taxed $12,000 for this financial year, and clearly you'd think I'd get about $2,000 back... right? Well hopefully my friend's sister could help me get more back... I totally need to go retail shopping!

One weekend I decided to test out my new [657] Revlon Lustrous Pearl Fuchsia Fusion lipstick. I love it!! However, it seems the only sort of make up that suits it is Smokey black eyes. If you think otherwise, please let me know!! Although my camera can't capture the effects of the lipstick, it actually comes out pearly purple (as the shadow) mixed with fuchsia (mid tone) which is pretty awesome! Anyone wanna help me with smokey eyes? I can never do them for some reason, they just don't suit me :( I always end up blending it away so it doesn't look that dark.

Super rushed smokey eyes as I couldn't be bothered making it any darker (just wanted to finish up so I could go over my bestie's house to do her make up, LOL).

*Attempted doll face look*
Let me know if there are any ways for me to improve smokey eyes... If you have a tutorial, I WANT TO SEE IT!! :D

Now, I was supposed to do a T-Ara Hyomin inspired make up tutorial from her Roly-Poly MV. But the weather hasn't been so great so I couldn't take pics in natural lighting - you wouldn't be able to see the colours.
Unfortunately all I've got for you now are sneak peaks!
As this is a sneak peak, the actual tutorial may look different to the below images as I tend to alter techniques and colours.

Need to make my wing a little thicker towards the bottom!!

Tried to attempt the one of her hair styles, just don't have the fringe to do it!

I actually look weird without circle lenses! :O
Time for me to exercise like crazy - ahhh that should be the topic of my next post :P after my tutorial of course!


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