Sunday, August 14, 2011

Make Up Haul & Party Nights

Hi All!

Jen from QuestJen told me I should do a Haul on the make up I bought the other day. I never really knew what it was until she told me. So here's my very first haul!

On Monday the 8th I went to a Skin & Body Clinic for my weekly appointment (not gonna go into too much detail). They were selling this private label brand (not their own) which I've never heard of, but I went absolutely crazy in purchasing their makeup!! I spent $137 AUD in the first purchase and later went back again on Saturday and bought another $40 AUD worth! I'm really bad when it comes to makeup! There's just so many to choose from that I absolutely go nuts as I want every single colour/shade there is available!

Lips (left to right): Blaze Lipstick & Nude gloss
Big Compacts (left to right then down): Tri Coffee Blend Eyeshadow, Cocktail blush, Misbehave blush & Antiqued Rose eyeshadow
Smaller Jars (from top left to bottom right): Oceanic Gel liner, Apricot Frost Creme shadow, Sweet Dreams Creme shadow, Intergalactic Creme shadow & Curacao Creme shadow
Loose Powders (top left to bottom - small to med jars): Glamorous, Ambition, Gunmetal, Love Potion, Schizo, Impact &Cats Eye
Silky Shadows (Small compact - top to bottom): Anaconda & Precious

Top left to right: Tremor (Silky Shadow), Infiltrate (Silky Shadow), Tidal Wave (Gel liner) & Tanzanite (Gel liner)

They consist of Loose Shimmer Eyeshadow Powders, Silky Eye Shadows, Gel Liners (which I use as eye shadow), Creme Eye Shadows, Blush (freebie), Lipstick and Gloss (freebie). I've used the Apricot Frost creme shadow and Anaconda silky shadow in my T-Ara Hyomin Roly Poly tutorial. I must say, I'm glad I bought these make up as they're VERY long lasting and they don't really smudge at all!! Not even when I'm out parting and sweating, my make up is exactly the way it is.
I'm definately planning on selling this private label on iCandy Style Lens.

Creme shadow & Gel liner (left ot right): Intergalactic, Curacao, Apricot Frost, Sweet Dreams & Oceanic

Top left to bottom right: Misbehave (blush), Antiqued Rose (eye shadow), Cocktail (blush), Anaconda (eye shadow), Previous (eye shadow) & Blaze (lipstick)

Top left to bottom right: Ambition, Glamorous, Gunmetal, Schizo, Impact, Cat's Eye & Love Potion

Top left to bottom right): Tremor, Infiltrate, Tidal Wave & Tanzanite

I was super happy to use the Curacao and Intergalactic on Friday night :) I really wanted to tackle the Aqua look as the girl who sold these to me wore it and she looked stunning! She's pretty good with make up I must admit, I love how she blends her colours ahaha anywho, see below for my tackle with Aqua - although I made a big mistake by trying to put the Curacao over the Silver creme shadow - it looks more silver... Next time I'll do it properly!

Eye close up

With my lids closed - bad thing about creme shadows is that it makes my eyes look wrinkly like an elephant's skin.

I wore a peachy nude lip gloss with this look as I didn't want to dramatize my face too much.

And other pics for the night....

Before heading out with Chummy Narelle

As I desperately wanted a polaroid pic!

With Mandy

The Trio before heading to Dragonfly (a club)

In the Dragonfly toilets - background actually turned out nice lol

Bumped into this sexy chicken - Mel xx

Overall experience of the club 4/5 stars, I loved how it was so big!! But the crap thing was, it was so packed I couldn't move and kept getting bumped into... Not only that but I had my ass slapped by a random as I was going past - I just kept walking as I didn't wanna waste my time turning around to look at the guy so seedy!

Now I really wanted to post these pics as I'm so glad it actually turned out quite nice!! These were taken on the 2nd June 2011 for Narelle's mom's surprise birthday - I know it's late, but Narelle didn't give these to me until this morning! That's a 2 month delay!!!

I love the 'CHEERS' balloon!! Some guy wanted to buy that off of us!

I was included in the family pic minus the dad ahaha

I actually thought this pic was cute - but Narelle failed to understand the concept! We were supposed to look like we were lifting off the ground with the balloons ahaha

That concludes my post for the day! Next week, I'll post my very first attempt at a Gyaru look~ I'll leave you with this cute pic I took yesterday with my sister's pup Fluffy

She was tiny enough to fit in my hand bag - she's a Pomeranian.


  1. Hi Joey,
    thank you for the thoughtful comment! :)
    Police are terrible I had to report it twice and hopefully they send me a police report code so I can claim insurance. I work at a school so I usually feel safe leaving things lying around but this guy is not a customer he was a drunk and I didn't want any trouble so I gave him water hoping he would leave me alone. So frustrating I heard it takes a long time for insurance company to process?
    Oh gosh Fluffy is a darling, she looks like a mini polar bear too haha :)

  2. @Tam I know Fluffy's such a cutie!! I love her to bits, wish she was mine ahahha

  3. Heyy! Thanks for the comment! So glad you commented so I could be directed here :D !

    Anyway, omg your haul looks amazingggg! I wish I had that much money lying around always to splurge >.< ! Unfortunately I have a billion things to buy ;__; ..and I keep spending it on stupid things xD ahaha ! But yeahh, all the pretty colours look so nice *___*! I'm so tempted to buy something right now xD

    /in reply/ That's actually not my real hair ! It's a wig I use for cosplay purposes xP

  4. @Melody Funny you should say that - there's a bizilion things for me to buy too!!! I'm such a bad saver :( I actually earn quite a lot that I could actually save, but NUP I like to spend it all on make up ahahhaha I also bought a Polaroid cam too!! Waiting for it to arrive by mail =_=;;

  5. Thanks for the mention at the start, so unexpected :) That would be amazing if you started selling cosmetics on iCandy! Fast shipping for Aus customers lol :D Love your aqua look by the way, I love how you winged it out on the corners. Cute pictures and I like the balloon ones hehe. Ew at the guy who slapped you from behind >.> I wouldn't look back either :| Can't wait to see your first gyaru look!! And aww, your sister's pup is really cute <3 Love how you put her in your handbag x)

  6. hey joey, glad to meet another perth blogger (:
    eee did you go to dragonfly the friday just passed? i was suppose to go for my friends bday but got stuck at home with assignments :(

  7. @Jennifer :) ~ YAY you commented <3 But yes, I'll definately see what I can do about those eye make up as I would really LOVE to sell them - not only that but host a give away with them :D

  8. @amanda YES I DID!!! hahaha it's actually pretty good! You should've went!! Though, it was wayyy to crowded! Maybe the next event on the 9th of Sept?? :P

  9. I love the swatches, they're such vibrant and pretty colours.
    I like how you do your eye make up :)

  10. oh thank god you've got a photo of the fluffball!
    i swear, it's like a sin or someting for your sister to take photos.
    i was wondering if i'd EVER be able to see the new doggy.

    can't wait to see the gyaru look!

    let me know where i can get that turquoise looking thing (Curacao Creme shadow) and the Oceanic Gel liner! they look real nice