Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gyaru Look + Dolly Wink Haul

Hey guys!

Here's my post on my Gyaru Look!
I've been meaning to make this post last Sunday but I've only just finished going through all the photos I've taken on Sunday! Lol, there were so many to choose from as I had so many poses to work with! It's a pity that I don't have the cute Gyaru face though :( and most of the poses don't even suit me :(

But before I begin on the Gyaru look, I'd like to show you all what came in the post on Friday 19th!! Yup, 7 sets of Dolly Wink Lashes.. I know I should've just bought 8, but I really did not like the Baby Cute one.. It was the ONLY one I didn't like.. I was hoping to only like about 5 out of the 8, but I just wanted them all!!! The only time I'll ever where these would be taking photos and tutorials =_= I wouldn't wear them out clubbing as they seriously make my eyes POP and look 10x bigger than they really are O_O well not really 10x bigger ahahha I bought these off ebay from someone that's actually in Japan... I was hoping she did wholesale so that I could sell them on iCandy Style Lens but unfortunately she doesn't :( she only buys them when they're cheap and she'll sell them - smart really.. If only they sold them here in Australia! It just sucks how there's not that many cute Japanese or Korean stores in Perth :(

Top left to bottom right: #8 Pure Little, # 7 Vivid Pop, #5 Real Nude, #3 Natural Girly, #2 Sweet Girly, #4 Feminine Style, #1 Dolly Sweet

So sorry for the many pictures to follow - and I do warn you, I was still in my PJs while taking photos... I wasn't planning on changing clothes just to take pics of my face haha, and besides, don't you reckon they suit the whole cute look anyway? ;)

What I've Used:
Ultra Nudy Green Circle Lens (GEO)
Tri Eye Shadow Brown (Bourjois)
♥ Indelible Brows Natural Taupe (Private Label)
♥ # 1 Lash Set Dolly Sweet (Dolly Wink)
♥ # 5 Lash Set Real Nude (Dolly Wink)
♥ ColorBurst Candy Pink Lipstick (Revlon)
♥ Killer Black Pen (CLIO)

Yes, my PJs are green :P

Can't really see but I'm actually wearing brown eye shadow.

That's right, it's Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street :P He's talking about recycling on my PJs - so eco friendly

Because these lenses are so huge, they make my eyes look freaky when i look both ways.

Trying to do the Gyaru Smile Just don't have the face for it >_<

My cute bow

Adding a bit of Ulzzang in here :P

Must not forget those nerdy glasses

I shouldn't have tied my hair up >_< I've got the most biggest forehead I know ahahha

I look so awkward when trying to pose >_< so hard!!

Second attempt at the smile I always see Gyaru models do! Still can't do it right!

With Flash

Without Flash

Well that's it for now.. I'm sure you've seen enough of my face LOL hmmmm what look/tutorial should I do next? :P HELP ME!!! Oh by the way - join iCandy Style Lens' little photo prize draw - well only if you've bought or received lenses from iCandy Style Lens... But you could have a chance of winning a free pair!! Who doesn't love that? :D Not only that but there's a promotion if you purchase 3 lenses you'll receive the 4th pair FREE!! BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW!! I really shouldn't be advertising but I really want to :D



  1. Awww this is the cutest I've seen you!! The last picture makes you look so innocent ^^ These nudy green lenses are perfect for this gyaru look, especially because they're super big *-* You did a great job on the look by the way *thumbs up* Love the hair bow and I too have a large forehead haha

  2. Wow, those lashes look *incredible* on you! They really do make your eyes look huge. Cute jammies, too. =]

  3. aaah I've always wanted to buy dollywink falsies but they're so pricey>.<~~~ btw u look cute with the pajamas on :3

  4. totes cutes.
    the lenses are a must with gyaru! x

  5. ahh so pretty!!
    the lashes and lenses duo looks AMAZING :)

  6. @Jennifer :) ~ Thanks!! We have to decide on a look or a pic for our little showdown ahahaha

    @VijiiS hey you~ yes my eyes look wider than they normally are =_= which is a good thing lol you should definately try the dolly wink range! Those lashes were definately not uncomfortable! :D So happy with my purchase!

    @Lina Kim ♥ YES! You should definately try them!! I bought mine from ebay!! You could see if they do combine shipping coz if you buy more than one you could get them for cheaper ;) mine worked out to be $60AUD or so for all 7 plus shipping from Japan to Australia :)

    @luvieur Thanks babe! You should totes try the look yourself! You'd def look gorgeous :D

    @Tezza awww thanks a lot :) I really appreciate it :D

  7. Tutorial please :) I am incompetent of applying makeup to bottom lash, end up looking like I have no eyes. The souffle is really sweet, taste like a brownie with an odd texture haha

  8. You so have the perfect look for gyaru!! So cute!!

  9. Thanks for commenting back. You know what, you said you think you're too tanned for the gyaru look...well I doubt you are as tanned as me lol I don't think you need to be super pale to pull off the look!