Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Tutorial] Silver Black Smokey Eyes + Ramblings

Hey all!

I thought I'd share with you a simple Silver Black Smokey Eyes tutorial! This is what I wore on Saturday night (03 Sept 11) for an event that required me to wear something blue... Though, I could have just done blue make up, but I was already wearing a navy blue top, painted my nails blue as well as wearing blue earrings - I didn't want to over do the blue if you see where I was going. So I just stuck with a simple smokey eyes plus fuchsia lipstick. See below for the eye look.

Now, I'm not sure if you all know, but before I was into makeup I never really knew how to do smokey eyes.. It never worked for me as I didn't know how to blend but I've always wanted to rock the look. After practice after practice as well as watching LOTS of tutorials from other websites, I kind of got the idea~ Please bear with me as the smokey eyes may be a little too simple but this is all I can do for now >_< you are welcome to comment some tips so that I can improve :D


What I've Used:
Olive (Wings) Grey (GEO)
Tri Smokey (Kate)
♥ Indelible Brows Natural Taupe (Private Label)
♥ Lashes (Unknown)
♥ Indelible Creme Eye Shadow Intergalactic (Private Label)
♥ Black Eyeshadow (Etude House)
♥ Fuchsia Fusion (Revlon)
♥ Killer Black Pen (CLIO)

Creme Eye Shadow Intergalactic (Silver)

1. Grab your silver eye shadow or creme shadow, in this case, I'm using Intergalactic Silver Creme Eye Shadow. Take a thin angle brush and colour in from the inner corners to about halfway to your lids. When colouring in your inter corners make sure you colour out of you crease so that you can see the silver when you open your eyes.

2. Using standard brush and a very dark grey eye shadow, shade in a remainder of your lids extending out to create a large wing. It's best to slightly go over the silver creme shadow so that it blends abit better. Try not to use black eye shadow at this stage.

3. Grab your taupe colour (I used the taupe from that Kate Eye Shadow) and apply it just above your crease to give it some depth. Although I've taken this photo before I finished applying the taupe colour, I've actually applied it close to my inner corners rather than where it seems to start in the photo.

I don't know the name of this particular eye shadow, but I love it as the black stands out A LOT.

4. Draw a wing to on the outer corners of your eyes to your desired length. In this case I've lined it about 1.1 cm towards the ends of my eyebrows. Now, from the wing created, draw a "<" sign to about halfway and shade it in (make sure you don't shade in ALL your grey, leave some for blending).


5. Using a fluffly brush, blend your colours like a windscreen wiper softly. After blending, your black would turn grey (depending on how much you blend, the more you blend the lighter the colour is), you may choose to apply more black eye shadow to make it darker, I did just a tad bit. Grab your cream white eye shadow (I'm using the cream from the Kate eye shadow pictured earlier) and just dab it over the silver creme shadow (this is usually how you make your creme shadow appear smoother on your skin - if that makes sense. You can use silver to dab over it, but since I had the cream in front of me I decided to use that instead. Apply some cream eye shadow in the inner corners to about 3mm below on your bottom lashes as well as under your eyebrows to give it some highlight.

6. Using your black eye shadow, liner your bottom lashes to about mid way and then blend it using your finger to get rid of the harsh lines. I chose not to use a brush as you might not be able to control where it blends to.

7. Line your top lashes with a liquid liner or gel - which ever you think may last longer and create a wing up to where your black eye shadow ends (you know that wing you've created with your eye shadow? Yeah, well up to there lol). I slightly lined the bottom lashes (light short strokes) so that it defines my bottom lashes.

8. Then apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes. The look would look better with thicker lashes - so false lashes would be best. I just didn't use it in this tutorial as I was lazy to put them on =_=;;

Look at it glitter and sparkle with flash - yes, that Kate eye shadow kit was glittery, doesn't it look awesome?? :D

Here's a pic of my other eye as my right eye was constantly in the light so it was hard to see how dark I've actually applied the black.

Doesn't my eye look freaky with flash? ahahaha downside of wearing contacts >_<


Trying to re-live the moment by wearing blue.. Sorry Narelle, I lied, I found another blue top ahahah

Pics after a night of partying
Okay, I thought I'd share how super awesome the creme eye shadow really was. I was told it was smudge, budge and water proof, and they were RIGHT! These are pics taken after 5 hours of partying and LOOK! The silver is still in place!! The black was running but THAT'S OKAY! If I could find black creme shadow or even grey, I'd totally BUY IT! Oh, by the way, I am selling the same brand on iCandy Style Lens if you were planning on purchasing it - thought I'm not selling the Intergalactic as they had no stock....

On that night I actually did it slightly different to what I've mentioned in this tutorial I've used more silver and made it more like the < sign. Sorry about my eyes, they're slightly red as I was tired and ready to jump into bed after removing my make up.
Have I convinced you yet??? See more below :D


Btw, this look looks great with Fuchsia Lipstick

Okay so while uploading the tutorial pics on my comp, I found THESE PICS!! Totally forgot I had these and I forgot to blog about them when I promised I would too!!

We all know about my crazy Dolly Wink purchase from Ebay in my previous post. And yes I bought 7/8 lashes! I haven't opened any of them except for lashes 1 & 5 (as seen in my previous post).

When I purchased my Dolly Wink lashes, I also purchased a polaroid!! I'm such an impulse buyer!! If I like it I buy it - no holding back O_O mind you, this was purchased last month.. You'll know I'm crazy when I reveal what I bought near the end of the post O_O This cost me about $280 AUD for the Fuji Film Instax Mini 50s (it only comes in Piano Black - it looks so sexy), and 40 film (I think - or was it 50 o.o). The Ebay seller also threw in a Disney Polaroid Film Album - glad I got stitch

The chick on the box looks a bit like AngelaBaby o.o ... unless IT IS?!

Look how adorable he looks sitting on a pink moooooooon XD

Lookie at what I stumbled across.....................

It's my fav doggie in the world!! My cookie

So if you're wondering wtf she's doing, as you can see there's one of those prickle things on her face (so many crap gets stuck on her face it's not funny.. Not even her face but her whole body as she's just wool and fluff - so hard to groom her sometimes). I was tapping the prickle and telling her that there's a prickle on her face and what does she do? She licks the otherside =_= what a dumbass................. My gorgeous dumbass :D

Now that all THAT has been shared, I'd like to share with you some distressing news... I'm broke.... Yup, that's right! As you can tell, I'm a VERY VERY VERY bad saver =_= last Thursday and Friday I spent a total of $560 AUD or even more o.o not only that, I'm going to Malaysia this Saturday!! So this week, I'm trying my very best to save what I have left and what I'll get from this weeks pay as I'm only in Malaysia for 3 days (for my cousin's wedding... I'll make a post about that next week with pics of make up and what I wore). When I'm in Malaysia, I tend to spend up to $400AUD a day as that's the only place I can buy my shoes from (besides from online shopping) as the shoe stores here in Perth don't have my tiny feet size :( I fit a size 4-5 in Malaysia, usually a size 4... And I fit a size 5 here.. I wish I had bigger feet >_< I look weird wearing steel cap boots at work as they make me look like I have a short but tall foot =_= don't even ask where I work -.-
Anywho, let's hope I don't over spend when I go there!! As I only bought 20kg baggage return!

Wish me luck, and remember to keep smiling!!~~~


  1. Damn, I need that silver!!! this is a great look on you, really extends your eyes a lot!

  2. more pics from the night load: middle row, right!! (;

    have fun in msia! congratulate her for me and send her my love!! (:

  3. thanks for the tutorial :D
    the silver looks awesome!! *-*

  4. your cookie, she's so cute!! and thanks for the tutorial =D

  5. You have really great eyes for this look! Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Nice blog and post God Bless you~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

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    The Cat Hag

  9. That's some badass eyeshadow! Mine always smudges, creases, gets under my eyebags,.. :')

    I love your lenses, they work so well with the make up <3