Sunday, March 20, 2016

[REVIEW] BHCosmetics X Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

Hi everyone!

I've finally gotten around to doing a review on the Carli Bybel palette I had used in my very first Youtube video (I've linked it just incase you haven't watched it)!

I've used most of the colours (there were a few I just haven't used yet) and I must say, I'm very impressed.
It's very pigmented and very cheap - for those of you who are on a tight budget! I did have some difficulty blending some of the colours as mentioned in my instagram post about it.
So on with the review!

- Very pigmented
- Smooth application, almost creamy (but not haha)
- Amazing affordable price
- The highlighters are just amazing, very pigmented
- Beautiful colours to play around with
- There are matte colours and shimmer (highlighters can also be used as eyeshadow)

My number one pro was that it's very pigmented, I could lightly apply and the colours would just look amazing on my eyes. Secondly, the price, although this is from America, shipping on their website is cheap. They have a base international shipping cost and it goes up based on weight.
When I first received the palette (on my birthday), I was amazed with the colour selection - I actually couldn't wait to put together a look.
I love the 4 highlighter colours which could also be used as eyeshadows. They have pink tone highlighters as well as golden highlighters.. Though the pink ones are too light for me (especially this first one), I still use it over the gold. I find that the gold was too pigmented for highlighted! It was way too gold for me, even though I've got a more yellow skin tone. Maybe I'm just not doing it right and that I should be putting a little one haha.
I just love this palette, I definately do reach for it almost every time I do my makeup!

- I can't stand the smell (almost smells like strong chemicals)
- Certain colours aren't blendable
- Gets messy, loose powder/fall outs
- The colours don't have names

There were a couple of cons about this palette which did annoy me (there are always going to be cons). Although I rated this palette high, I feel like the cons weren't that big enough to bring down it's rating. Let me go in depth...
So when I first opened the palette there was a very strong chemical smell - it's hard to describe the actual smell itself but sort of that cardboard/new smell? Some people like it, it just really bothered me. At first I was a bit concerned about applying this product on my eyes - strong smell like that I thought it would irritate my eyes, but I looked on their website and it said it was non irritating, vegan, allergy tested etc so I figured it would be okay - which it was (I guess this is more of a pro lol).
The darker colours were annoying to blend in my opinion. The last two colours on the top two rows on the right (maroon and dark brown). Every time I would blend, it would lose pigmentation which I would then find myself having to re-apply just to deepen that colour. There would be times I would get so frustrated that I end up just applying it without blending haha.
Now when I mean it gets messy I mean every time I pack product onto my brush, all the loose powder just goes everywhere. So much loose product/powder comes off that I find I have to blow away all that excess. I'm not sure if it's a good thing as it could mean that it's very pigmented, but I'm just finding it very messy.
This is a little minor con, but the colours don't have names against them. So when explaining or trying to refer back to a colour used, I would mention which row and which column I used lol.

So overall, it's a big thumbs up from me! Highly recommended for anyone thinking about purchasing the palette but can't commit! Go and buy one!

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