Friday, April 1, 2016

[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Copper Glitter Cut Crease Look

Hey guys!

Back with another Youtube video - this time, tackling the copper glitter cut crease look.

I had a lot of inspiration from very popular Youtube Beauty Gurus (Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins & Lustre Luxe), and I thought why not make my own beginner version.

It was tough, mainly because I don't have the skills as those guru and also because glitter is so hard to work with! It gets very messy and I can never get it "clean".

Please excuse the un-even eyelids, I know I should have fixed it up - but I didn't notice it until I started editing! Also note that the reason why my lips are so cracked was because during filming especially towards the end, my camera corrupted a lot of the videos and photos! So I had to re-film and re-take photos 2-3 hours after I completed the look. I was determined to finish it otherwise I would've done all that for nothing! My room isn't exactly big so lighting setup was a hassle and sometimes inconvenience. I will get a better camera next time when I save my money!

Check out the video!

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