Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lipstick love

Hi guys~!

Okay I promised to blog about this so here I am with day time photos! I wish I had a tripod to place my camera on as my hands tend to shake (even with the anti shaking setting turned on)! So, sorry if you start seeing double.

Left to Right: Revlon ColorStay Smooth Nude [350], Maybelline ColorSensational Nearly There [205]

Left to Right: Smooth Nude, Nearly There

Nearly There [205] Maybelline

Nearly There [205] Maybelline

Smooth Nude [350] Revlon

Smooth Nude [350] Revlon

Revlon - Everlasting Blush [515]

Revlon - Plush Pink [355]

Revlon - Sheer Bronze [100]

Rimmel - Soft Coral [600]

Rimmel - Rose Sorbet [110]

Maybelline - Sweet Ginger [G80]

Revlon - Ripened Red [375]

As mentioned on my twitter I was planning on doing Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In inspired make up from her new single Bad Temper shoot. It was my first time ever making a video so the quality isn't that great as I filmed it using webcam (so hard to film using normal camera as I'd like to see where the camera is shooting). I've always wondered how people film make up tutorials in super good quality (especially when zoomed). So I'm not going to post it, I think once I find a tripod and play around with zoom and macro so that it focuses only on my eyes I will do a better tutorial.
I did take some pics though~ It's super dramatic and makes my eyes pop out O_O so beware!!

Ga In - Bad Temper

I know, my take on the make up is no where as close to the original as my blue wings were more blended than sharp. I'll do a second take when I make a video - should be better :)
Products I used were mostly all from Coastal Scents (their 88 shimmer pallet), I also used their True Black gel liner, as well as brushes from their pink limited edition set.
Circle lenses used in these photos are GEO BC-102 from iCandy Style Lens. I couldn't find my black lenses, so my eyes don't go well together with the dark eyeliner.

Anyway, that's all from me today! More posts to come as it's a 4 day weekend for me!! YAY!


  1. The lippies look great on you ^^ Ohh I was hoping to watch your tutorial in this post! The pictures are such a tease haha, you did a great job by the looks of it :) I'm not that good with winging my eyeliner ><

  2. I know, but it's REALLY bad quality - like all blurry as I only wanted to zoom on my eyes... It's so hard :( But I'll figure it out and post it up :)

  3. the lipsticks are such lovely colours! love your eotd and ga in is gorgeous ^^

  4. Thanks babe! And yes, I love Ga In - she's so awesome~