Saturday, May 26, 2012

[NEO] 4 tone Lucky Clover Grey Review

Name: 4 Tone Lucky Clover
Color: Grey
Brand: NEO Vision
Diameter: 14.2mm

Design: /5
Enlargement: /5
Colour: /5
Comfort: /5 

I've never tried 4 tone circle lenses before, and I'm very happy with the turn out. I love how these lenses actually make me look... Eurasian.. Sorta ahha
It looks VERY similar to the 3 tone lenses, and the only 3 tone lenses I've ever tired are GEO CM-901's (World Series Grey).

These lenses don't focus much on enlarging your eyes, but instead, blending them with your eyes to create a natural look. The diameter is slightly bigger than the normal GEO series and there is a slight light grey ring around the lenses.

I love the color! I was expecting just plain grey, but I could see a hint of blue/green in my eyes when I wear them - BONUS! When I first put these lenses on I looked so weird, I couldn't adjust to how horrible these lenses made my face look, it just didn't look right. But then I realized that I had no make up on and usually when I wear circle lenses without make, I look ridiculous anyway! So once my make up was slapped on it blended in naturally. The grey just made my eyes stand out HEAPS, and not only that, but having blue and green tints made it look 10x better. I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND wearing smokey make up if you ever wear these lenses.

I've owned NEO lenses before and they tend to dry my eyes faster than GEO when I wear them for long hours, but with these, I had no issue. I wore these since 10am through to 4pm without a single drop of eye drops - so that's a pretty good thing (with my other NEO's I could only wear them for 2-3hours without using eye drops).

I'm pretty happy with my purchase at Korea Big Eyes. I first found out about these lenses when I was doing a massive research on 4minute's Hyunah when I saw her in their music video Volume Up! I fell in love with her make up, actually I'm in love with her in general! She's so gorgeous!!! After reading many forums claiming she's wearing NEO's Lucky Clover grey (I'm sure she's wearing another Korean brand, but these come close), I then went hunting for them. Surprisingly, not many online stores sell them! I've only found one so far which was weird.

Sometimes I hate how my hair just doesn't sit right.. It ALWAYS covers my eyes... Though I made the most of this moment and tried a model pose huahahha

 Using Instagram, look how green my eyes are :D
 I'm sure many of you know that my e-store iCandy Style Lens is having a CLEARANCE sale! 50% of all stock including cases and make up.. I'm trying to get rid of all my stock as I don't really have much time to maintain it.. Yes that's right it's closing down. I've been so busy with work it's horrendous. Not only that, but since I'm single I've been constantly going out and having fun. So if you know anyone who are looking for cheap lenses (all authentic of course) or even make up, please refer them to the site to help me clear stock!! Thank you :D

I now leave you all with some Cookie updates, she hasn't been groomed for 2 weeks, so hopefully when my groomer returns from holidays, I can have her shaved and looking skinny.

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