Friday, January 18, 2013

So.. What's Been Happening?

Wow! I am the worst blogger ever! I've been so busy with just about everything that it's hard to update this blog!
As it's a new year, one of my New Years resolution was to be more active in this blog. I've decided to turn this into a 'Make Up Look' sort of thing, and possibly some tutorials - which is quite time consuming - but oh well.

So to update you all on what's been happening with my life, thought I would go through some significant snippets.

18th September 2012 - I've been inked!
Okay, so this isn't really a special event, but this date marks the day I got my most painfullest (unsure if that's a word, if not - oh well) tattoo!! It's also my 4th and last tattoo (for now....).
So I got my ribs inked, here's a photo.. It's supposed to look foreign when you're far away... It's a blurry pic but what the hell. 

The photo has been flipped to the side so it would fit, it pretty much runs down my side reading:
"No one saves us but ourselves.
No on can and no one may
We ourselves must walk the path."

29th September 2012 - Trina & Gary's Wedding
So for those of you who don't know, Trina is my best friend's sister. Her and her boyfriend FINALLY tied the knot on the 29th September (after 10 years of dating). It was such a lovely night, and I was finally able to wear my ASOS dress to the wedding! I was supposed to wear it for my cousin's wedding, but turns out - I was too fat to fit it :( Here's a couple of peaks of the wedding!
At the Ceremony.
I kind of want my own custom name thingo.
Irene and I screaming at cake.. T'was supposed to be use trying to eat it :/
Irene & I
My best friend Narelle & I.
The ASOS dress
25th November 2012 - Stereosonic
This was a major highlight for me! I was really excited about the lineup, but sadly, I was not able to see all my favourite DJ's :( I did however got to see Calvin Harris, Example, Avicii & Tiesto though :D I've also rainbow-fied my hair for this special event... Or more like mermaid-fied it (what a tongue twister). The flower crown I was wearing that day/night... I made it.. YUP! Took a while but I did it - so proud.
Cookie trying many possible Stereosonic accessories!
Had to blue Katerina out as her face was not ready..

The girls (from left to right); Katerina, Sandy, Gwen & I
Spotted my mate Jason there randomly
25th December 2012 - It's Christmas
I could say this was not the best Christmas.. My family were overseas having fun while I was here in Perth by myself.. It felt weird that I wasn't overseas, but I figured I would save money for 2013. I ended up going to a party though :D

I was addicted to Galaxy chocolates!

Gwen & I
12th January 2013 - Sandy's Birthday
So I've skipped New Years because I didn't take any photos.. Not much happened except I went to the Casino with my friend Gwen.. I walked out with $40 more.. I know you don't think it's much but it was better than nothing for me. I don't usually win big anyway..
So this was my most recent event. I had a really good time until I started feeling sick from the lack of food, and was not able to head out and join everyone due to being poor, tired and sick - devo.

Logam & I
Katerina & I
I look so dopey

Trying to pull funny faces with Sandy & Katerina
So that's it.. There's the update.. Just thought I'd let you all know, I'm selling a whole heap of clothes old & new on eBay. Check it out here if you're interested :) My eBay Store. This is only for Australian residents, but if you don't reside in Australia, and is interested in an item, please message me on eBay with an offer and I'll get back to you if I'm interested in your offer. Otherwise you can have a look through my Blogspot store when it's up and running..
Bye for now!~

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