Friday, February 1, 2013

[Tutorial] SooYoung I Got A Boy Teaser Inspired Look

Hey all!!

So it's been a VERY long time since I last made a make up tutorial, so I apologize in advance for crappy shots. Not only that but I forgot to do eye close ups! Only just realized after removing my makeup and going through all the pics.
Ok, so I've just done LASIK on the 30th January, I'm not allowed to wear eye makeup for a WHOLE MONTH! It's going to be a struggle as I'll look like a panda when I wake up in the morning! This tutorial was taken a couple of days before the surgery.

So this will is the look I'll be re-creating.. but a simple version for those makeup newbies :)
Please note I'm not exactly using the right brushes in these pics as most of my brushes need cleaning...

Sooyoung in I Got A Boy teaser and a close up of the makeup.
So let's get started...


What I've used in this Tutorial:
♥ Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage (MAC)
♥ Photoready 3D Volume Mascara (Revlon)
♥ FIT me! Foundation (Maybelline)
♥ Blonde Colorstay Eyebrow Pencil (Revlon)
♥ Eyeliner Pencil in Night Navy (CLIO)
♥ Zero Black 24/7 Glide-on Pencil (Urban Decay)
♥ Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter (MAC)
♥ 6 Color Contour and Blush Palette (Coastal Scents)
♥ Shimmer Palette (Coastal Scents)
♥ 160 Fifth Ave Fuchsia Lipstick (Maybelline)
♥ 805 Pink Freeze Lipstick (Maybelline)
♥ Moisturecover Concealer (MAC)
♥ Facefinity Compact Foundation (MaxFactor)
♥ 32 Brun Flamboyant Sparkling Eyeliner (Bourjois)
Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette
1. Use small amounts of the MAC Base Visage before applying Maybelline FIT me foundation. Once you have evenly distributed the foundation, apply concealer onto imperfection areas such as around the lips and dark circles. Set the foundation by brushing on the MaxFactor Facefinity foundation powder.

2. Contour your face! Using a contour brush  create a slim face by applying contour to the jawline. Then line your nose with    to get that slim looking nose, using a fluffy brush and the MAC highlighter, line the bridge of your nose. Blend out the shadows with a sponge as well as 'fluff' out the sharp highlighter. If your highlighter still looks too sharp, use the sponge to blend it out.

3. Line your eyebrows with the Revlon eyebrow pencil, then blend it out using the brush on the end.Sooyoung doesn't really have any arch in her eyebrows, so try to keep it slightly straight at the ends with a small arch.

4. Grab a brush and apply palette pic B on your eye lids up to your crease, then apply A on your crease and blend it out with a fluffy brush.

5. Apply the MAC highlighter from the middle of your brow to about 1cm above your crease. Blend the highlighter into the bronze/gold colour on your crease as well as lightly fluff the highlighter under your brows so it's not too sharp looking.

6. Using the Urban Decay eye liner, line the top of your eye (make sure you sharpen you pencils - unlike what I've done here to create the perfect line). Line your upper waterline to make your lashes look 'thicker'. Create a small wing at the end - not too big as you'll be extending the wing with the other colours.

7. Line your bottom eye with the Night Navy eyeliner by CLIO, start from the middle of your eye then to end of your wing. Fill in the gaps. Line your lash line and waterline from the middle to the outer corner of your eye using the same eyeliner.

8. Using the Bourjois sparkling eyeliner, line the bottom eye from the inner corner of your eye to the middle. Your eyes are now done! I didn't use mascara in this tutorial due to me having eyelash extensions, but yes, you should apply mascara or even natural looking false lashes.

9. I love mixes lipstick colours, so we'll start with the Fuchsia lipstick, you can use a lip brush for more precise lines. But here, I didn't use a brush as you could always use a cotton bud if you make a mistake (it's not as dark staining as the red, so it'll come off if you make a small mistake). Then using the Pink Freeze, lightly stroke/dab your lip line so it gives a shimmer to your lips. You don't have to use Pink Freeze, you could stick with the Fuchsia, then add clear lip gloss.

10. You can choose to apply blush, but in this case I haven't.



  1. Hi Joeyy. Luv ur blogs. Ima 17 yo gurl and this guy messgd me to come out ona date. was hoping u cud include a relationship blog from ur exp or give me sum advice pleaz??

    1. Hi there,
      Unfortunately I'm not that great on relationships haha so can't really help you there... The only thing I could think of is just be yourself :)