Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Tutorial] Winter Love Eye Makeup Look

Unfortunately, I've forgotten to take photos of each step, so I'm just going to highlight each step using the same photo.

What I've used in this Tutorial:
♥ Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Urban Decay)
♥ Glam Eyes Liquid Liner (Rimmel)
♥ White Liner (Rimmel)
♥ Blonde Colorstay Eyebrow Pencil (Rimmel)
♥ Colorburst Lip Butter in #050-Berry Smoothie (Revlon)
♥ Professional Pallet/Eyeshadow (Motives Cosmetics)
♥ Cool Kitty by Katy Perry Lashes (Eyelure)
♥ Clump Defy Mascara in Black (Max Factor)

1. I always draw my eyebrows first, using feather strokes, shape your eyebrows. I use Blonde eyebrow pencil as I do not like dark eyebrows. Once that is done, use eyeshadow primer all over lid.

2. Adding highlight colour first, I've used Whipped Cream #331A by Motives Cosmetics. Using a small flat brush, dab and glide the light colour in the inner corner of eyelid plus lining the bottom lashline. This makes your eyes pop.

3. Using a medium flat but fluffy brush, dab Pacific Sea #335A by Motives Cosmetics onto middle part of lid, blending slightly into the highlight.

4. Then use a medium crease brush, draw a wing on the outer corner of the eye using Twilight #111W by Motives Cosmetics. Using the same brush, feather it to shape the crease. Blend the colour into Step 3.

5. Using Pink Diamond #303A by Motives Cosmetics and a small smokey eye brush, line the centre lower lash line.

6. Using the same brush, line Tahitian Red Earth #317A by Motives Cosmetics continuing the line from Step 5 all the way out to the wing.

7. Line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner, extending the wind to where Step 3 stops. Slightly line the bottom lash line.

8. Using a white liner, line your bottom water line.

9. Curl your lashes, apply mascara. Then glue your false lashes on.

And there you have it!!

More looks coming soon.

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